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What's Your Design Aesthetic

What's Your Design Aesthetic - Goldgenix

Despite having state of the art furniture, beautiful curtains, royal marble countertops or flooring and whatnot, does your house not feel like home? It is extremely important to design and decorate your space in a manner that reflects who you truly are. Your home is your haven. 

To understand your design aesthetic, that you would like to have flow in your home, you need to know what all aesthetics there are. Here are some of the most common aesthetics. 

Clean and crisp design with a simple color palette, usually using materials like metal, glass and steel, a modern look and feel is the new norm. This style reflects simplicity in every element, even furniture and is averse to clutter. Less is always better. 

People often confuse modern with contemporary design. Modern on one hand is sleek, contemporary on the other hand is fluid. Contemporary design does not adhere to any particular style, it adapts to its surroundings. 

I’m sure you've seen high ceilings, old timber and dangling fixtures with sparse functional furniture spaces, that’s the Industrial aesthetic for you. Drawing inspiration from warehouses and urban lofts, this aesthetic has a raw appeal, 

Scandinavian design pays tribute to the simplistic way of life demonstrated in Nordic countries. Although it is simple and understated it seems like a work of art. There is functionality in the furniture and an all white minimalistic look.  

The traditional design aesthetic offers a classic detailed look with luxury furnishings and umpteen accessories. It finds its roots in European sensibilities.

Lastly, Bohemian is another popular aesthetic for home and fashion design. It reflects a carefree lifestyle with one rule - follow your heart. This style could include anything from vintage furniture and light fixtures to globally inspired fabrics in rugs and covers.

So, now that you know of some aesthetics, where do you think your’s lies?